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Your natural hair is beautiful in every form, and it can be styled so many ways. You need a hairstylist who specializes in natural hair treatments and styling. Kairos Hair Salon can keep your hair healthy and beautiful. You'll leave my natural hair salon feeling confident and looking gorgeous.

My name is Akeelah, and I'm a licensed beautician based in Killeen, TX. At my natural hair salon, I offer a wide range of styling services to help my clients find the perfect look for them.

Call 254-432-6860 today to schedule an appointment at my silk press salon.

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Booking Details

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Kairos Services

Kairos Services

Explore the endless possibilities for your hair by working with me.

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As a professional natural hair and sew-in weave stylist, I'll help you find the perfect look.

4 ways to style your hair

When you're excited about how you look, you radiate confidence in every room you walk into. I want to help you get the perfect hairstyle that makes you feel great. You can get a...

Silk press. Using natural products, I'll relax your hair to give it a soft, silky smooth look.
Weave. I offer sew-in weave options to help you lengthen your hair or add volume to your hair.
Wig. If you want to completely change up your look, consider a natural wig.
Crochet style. These braids are designed to give your hair a beautiful twist and curl.

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Please take note of COVID-19 protocols at the silk press salon prior to your appointment. All customers are required to wear masks and wash their hands before their appointments.